Electronic Business Card Reader Review

There’s a new technology out that reads, collects, and stores business cards so you don’t have to worry about losing them: the electronic business card reader. If you scoff about how useful this could be, rest assured that these scanners have made so many improvements that the latest card scanners are simple and effective and now do even more than just read business cards.

To see what features these new business card readers have, let’s look at some of the more popular scanners which come highly recommended.

BizCard Reader

You don’t need any software to get the BizCard scanner started. Just scan your card, then simply file it into a database. The image can be easily downloaded into a computer so you can retrieve it and print it whenever you need it.

IRIS Business Card Reader

It may be one of the smaller electronic business card readers on the market, but the IRIS can scan any document that’s an A6 size, such as ID cards, driver’s license cards, etc. The other advantage of the IRIS is that it’s completely digital and reads and prints in color.

Worldcard Scanner

This high optical resolution scanner will save your images just as they are without your needing to edit them. Like many other readers, it uses only an USB and doesn’t need an external power source.


CardScan updates their products regularly. This product can interface with most operating systems, like Microsoft and Mac. You can choose from a multitude of packages, from the normal compact model to a reader powerful enough to accommodate the needs of an entire company.

These new electronic business card readers do more than ever before. They are more than just a convenient tool: they make storing and managing information easier.

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