Review – Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips

Chubby babies look adorable, but that’s the only time in our life when fat looks good on anyone. But, oh, eating rich food is a such a guilty pleasure and exercise is a lot of sweat. These two attitudes add up to extra pounds and unwanted body fat.


Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips is a book is geared toward weight loss and exercise tips. First we’ll discuss the process of digestion and then show how proper diet and exercise is our road to fitness.


Digestion is the process of converting complex foods into sugars so that they can be absorbed by the blood and burned to create energy. This energy is then used to maintain body temperature for our daily activities. We need constant energy to survive, which means we need to eat at regular intervals. Any sugar that is absorbed in amounts greater than what is needed for survival is used to grow and to build muscles. Sugar absorbed into the blood beyond that gets converted to fat and is then stored in various body tissues. This is the body’s buffer stock; but when this buffer stock gets too high, we become overweight. In order to lose this excess weight, you need to burn off that stored fat and avoid future fat deposits.


While we’re all tempted by those lose-pounds-quickly! ads, rapid weight loss is anything but healthy. Drastic weight loss methods such as diuretics or starvation can bring dramatic initial results, but these aren’t healthy practices, and their short-term effects are more often than not reversed just as quickly. A well planned diet and proper exercise is the secret to losing weight and being fit. A proper diet is critical for good health. A balanced diet includes proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, a small quantity of carbohydrates, and very few fats—and those fats that are included should be “friendly” fats such as flax-seed or Omega3 oils.


The most important fat loss tip is to exercise regularly. A good fitness training program will customize an exercise regime for you to focus on burning out the fat deposits on unwanted parts of your body faster. Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, rope-skipping are excellent examples of fat-burning exercises. If done regularly, they will produced the desired results. The key is the discipline to maintain this regimen. There are thousands of pills, programs, and books to give advice on weight loss and exercises, but only follow the advice which comes from a recognized and respected expert.


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