Electronic Cigarette Review | Make Great Holiday Gifts

One sign of a great gift is that it shows the recipient how much you care about them. No matter what the occasion, there’s no better way to say you care than to say “please don’t die of lung cancer.” Electronic cigarettes are becomi an increasingly popular way to show someone you care as more people are turning to electronic%% cigarettes to help them kick the habit. It is certainly much less expensive than some of the other cessation products on the market.

Electronic cigarettes are unique among other gifts we typically give around the holidays. While a box of candy can be thoughtful, and is among the more popular last minute gifts, after a few days, it has been eaten up and is gone forever and now just a memory.

Jewelry and flowers are other popular holiday gifts that men get for their ladies. But those precious jewels will most likely sit in a box most of the year, unworn as it takes a chunk out of your financial assets. And flowers are a no-brainer last minute gift, and certainly easier on the wallet But to be honest, you can just grab them from the guy selling them on the corner—not a whole lot of thought there. But electronic cigarettes are far more practical and will be used every day (that is, until she’s quit smoking for good!)

And ladies, electronic cigarettes make a great holiday gift for the smoker in your life as well. They’ll finally lose that smoker’s breath that’s so rank that you can barely stand kissing him. You can also help him save money so he can afford to buy fancier holiday gifts for you, or to take you out to dinner while he puffs on one of his electronic cigarettes without worrying about offending anybody else.

The best feature of the electronic cigarette is that it doesn’t have the smell or smoke that comes from tobacco cigarettes. There are no messy ashtrays filled with ashes and nasty cigarette butts, which is why I gave them as a holiday gift to neighbors who had recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. I don’t know how long they each smoked during the years they were married, but neither of them smoke any more and they have even taken up jogging again. I see them a few times a week jogging by and I”m convinced it’s because of the switch to electronic cigarettes. That was one holiday gift they will always treasure for years to come.

I myself smoked for over 15 years, but thanks to electronic cigarettes I was able to kick the habit. I threw away all my lighters and have no impulse to light up any more. If you smoke, take a hard look at e-cigarettes for yourself. It can also make a perfect holiday gift for the smoker in your life.


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