What Is A Lifestyle Lift Procedure?

Are you struggling to look younger? Women take all kinds of drastic measures to make themselves look younger and more beautiful; the most drastic of these is to endure cosmetic surgery. There are tons of cosmetic surgery procedures out there, one of the most commonly utilized ones being the face lift. A newer procedure to enter this arena is the Lifestyle lift. What exactly is a Lifestyle Lift Procedure?

Lifestyle Lift is a trademark for a micro facelift procedure. It has sparked quite a bit of controversial discussions across the internet. It claims to be a minimally invasive surgery that can allegedly help reduce wrinkles, lines, and jowls. The surgery itself is supposed to last only an hour and you can go home immediately. It costs about half of what a traditional face lift costs. However, with these seemingly amazing advantages comes an equal number of disadvantages.

The announcement of this latest mini face lift procedure has received a certain amount of media hoopla, but there has been an increasing number of clients who have come forward to complain about it. If you search the reviews, you will find a number of negative reviews; although there are some positive reviews from satisfied patients as well. However, take note that the Lifestyle Lift company was sued because they asked their employees to publishphony positive reviews about the procedure. It was fined $300,000 for astrosurfing.

Some typical complaints from clients include:

  • protracted length of the surgery
  • bruising and scars
  • Stitches were not absorbed by the skin after a few weeks

Other clients were not happy with the results; some patients even claimed that rather than looking more attractive, they looked worse after the surgery.

To answer these charges, Lifestyle Lift issued a statement that simply stated that their doctors are all board certified and are experienced to do the procedures.

A Reminder

If you’re considering any cosmetic surgery, make sure that you find a reputable, board-certified doctor. Whether you go to a Lifetyle Lift doctors or another company, ask if your doctor has the requisite qualifications and accreditations to perform the surgery. Be cautious—your life, your health, and your face are at stake.

If your goal is to prevent premature wrinkles and crow’s feet, or other telltale signs of aging, start young and start using anti-aging creams when you’re still in your 20s. Hydrate yourself well, get enough sleep, eat healthy, and avoid stress. A healthy lifestyle, not a Lifestyle Lift, is the key to long lasting beauty and eternal youth.

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