How Holiday Reviews Help You Decide Where to Vacation

We are supposed to go on holidays to relax, enjoy new places, or spend quality time with with loved ones. But holiday planning can be a stressful, serious matter. A holiday takes money, effort, and time and you don’t want to see your hopes and expectations dashed by a wrong decision. The first, most important decision to make is in choosing where to go. But how do you know what to expect, or what you’re paying for, if you’ve never been there before? It’s like being blindfolded on a roller coaster, unaware of the risks you may face, or security issues you may face; after all, the very experience itself will be etched in your memory forever.

There are a million places to choose from, and anyone who wants a perfect holiday can find themselves overwhelmed by the plethora of choices. Flipping a coin or throwing darts at a globe are not the best ways to make that decision. The only way to know what a place is like is to either experience it yourself or depend on someone else’s recommendations. This is where vacation reviews can help you decide. They are a description of the writer’s traveling experiences. Try to find more detailed reviews as opposed to brief ones, as the details can help create a vivid image of the people, places, and things the traveler witnessed. The addition of photos can help as well.

These reviews can have a big influence on readers’ travel decisions. Let’s say you are a prospective traveler, and you’ve never been to the Bahamas, and you’re considering going there. But you’re clueless as to what to expect, so you turn to a travel review to guide you. After you read them, you realize that most of the activities are inclined towards water. The Bahamas are famous for water sports and seafood. But you’re allergic to shellfish and can’t swim—so it’s obvious that the Bahamas is not the place for you.

Most holiday reviews give guidelines and recommendations and highlight places on your must-see list as well as places that you should avoid. A good review gives you details about local cuisine, market places, the customs, best places to shop, museums, nightlife, the local culture and landmarks, etc., so you can prioritize what you want to see. Say a reviewer had an awful experience: maybe he found the place too expensive, poorly maintained neighborhoods, unfriendly locals. He mentions this in his review, so the chances that the reader will still want to go there will decrease immensely. On the other hand, if the review describes luxurious facilities available, the memorable experiences, it can shape readers’ perspective positively, and convince them to pick that as their holiday destination.

As a wise person once advised, learn from other people’s experiences. Read articles and stories of well-traveled people before embarking on your own travels. Let the holiday review prepare you for your next vacation.

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