NutriCology Prostate Nutritional Support Review

We consider NutriCology Prostate Nutritional Support to be a better quality prostate product because the company uses some fantastic key ingredients for providing an excellent support and management system for the prostate. They have included Saw Palmetto and Beta Sitosterol but not in the most effect form of BetaPine 1200™ which is the key sterol blend to look out for. However, it only contains 7 ingredients in total. In our eyes, this lowered the value of the product and possibly the effectiveness. That said, this product is still relatively decent quality from a well known health supplement manufacturer, so we wanted to give you the complete rundown.

Is Prostate Nutritional Support Effective?

When a product claims to be made of 100% pure ingredients, by all means it should be effective. Let us stress, should be. One issue that raises a slight red flag here is that Prostate Nutritional Support contains gelatin and several additional ingredients which fall under the category of inactive, which we felt may reduce the effectiveness of the product. Furthermore, because each dose has only a small amount of these additional ingredients, it was hard for us to say how much of an effect these added ingredients would have on the product’s actual effectiveness. In the lab, its ingredients showed consistency with the label claims.

So we went looking to see what consumers had to say, and it seems that we were unable to find any customer reviews for this product on Amazon. This could be due to several reasons but this was a slight alarm bell for us.

Prostate Nutritional Support might have a little better luck with effectiveness if they avoided including all of the additional unnecessary ingredients and added a few more key clinically proven ingredients for optimizing prostate health. They were almost there with a quality product, but not quite.

Is Prostate Nutritional Support Safe?

We did not find any ingredients in this product that would cause it to be unsafe, such as un-certified stimulant ingredients or other herbs. As for the ingredients in general, when in their pure form, are deemed to be a safe herbal supplement if taken according to proper recommendations. There are no reported side-effects and they can be taken with most medications.

Our main concern is that this product contains gelatin and other inactive unnecessary ingredients which we are not sure what part they play in the effectiveness of this product.


NutriCology Prostate Nutritional Support had the right idea in making their product with some great key ingredients but we would love to have seen BetaPine 1200™ added for optimal benefits. However, the inclusion of additional ingredients in their product and the fact it contains gelatin may decrease its effectiveness and certainly appeal. The price was pretty competitive compared to others on the market, but we thought it was a little expensive for a product that contains unnecessary fillers. Our final say is that these capsules would need to get rid of the added ingredients plus use a vegetarian capsule to get a higher grade and possibly then it may start receiving some positive customer feedback.

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